About us

India with a population of 1.31 billion is the second most populated country in the world and not just that, 50% of Indian population is below 25 where as 65% is below 35 years (i.e : 800 million plus youth)

According to the recent OECD report 30% of the Indian youth who are aged between 15 to 30 are not into employment or education (NEET) which is a hindrance for the overall development of the country.

The major issue which is causing unemployment in India is due  to the lack of awareness about opportunities and outdated education system which is not making the students to be competent enough for the present cut throat competetive world.

4yuva is formed to solve the problem of unemployment and to empower the youth with the latest opportunities from around the world which can change their life forever in just one click.

Our team finds the opportunities from around the world through extensive research and quality partnerships and publish them on our platform which will be later publicised on different platforms to reach every Indian youth from all corners of India.

Our mission is to make every young Indian aware of the opportunities from around the world so that they never miss any life changing opportunity .

Nothing is more expensive then a missed opportunity