The Science Research Contest 2017 aims at bringing young researchers from the states of Maharashtra & Goa, Gujarat & Karnataka to exhibit their research projects, ideas and to promote interest among them.

A research project from any subject related to the field of science and technology can be taken up as a group activity with more than 1 participant but not exceeding 3. The same participant can be associated with more than 1 project. See the list of earlier Winning projects. Bear in mind the objective of your project, clarity about the concept, innovative ideas involved, methodology, quality and interpretation of results, applicability or usability of the project, presentation etc.


  • The contestant should be a college student (S.S.C. passed), pursuing an undergraduate degree in any discipline.
  • In case of integrated PG course, students who are studying in first 3 years can only participate in this contest.
  • The contestant must be from any college in Vadodara district (Gujarat), Belagavi/Nippani districts (Karnataka) and in the states of Maharashtra & Goa.
  • A contestant should not hold any degree till 31/12/2017.
  • Age of contestant should not exceed 25 years on 31/12/2017.


  • 3 awards each of Rs. 12,000 are awarded. They are Parashuram Bajee Agashe Vidnyan Sanshodhan Puraskar, Leela Parashuram Agashe Vidnyan Sanshodhan Puraskar and Sharad Naik Vidnyan Sanshodhan Puraskar.
  • If the winning project has been executed under the direction of an expert, the latter will be congratulated with a special honour of Rs. 2000.
  • Marathi Vidnyan Parishad shall bear travel expenses of the outstation students for the final presentation.

Application procedure:

  • No entry fee! Fill the Application form online.
  • Language of your project can be in Marathi/English/Hindi. While filling the application form, upload a PDF copy of research work of your project report. Fulfill the onscreen instructions while filling the online form.
  • The total number of pages in the report must be restricted to 3 with a file size of less than 3 MB. For the format of your project, read More
  • The final presentation is going to held in Mumbai at the end of January 2018. The maximum duration given for each presentation is 15 minutes followed by queries from examiners.
  • Awards will be distributed on annual day festival of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad held in the last week of April 2018.
  • For queries while filling the application form, send an email to [email protected]
  • Visit Marathi Vidnyan Parishad

The last date for submission of projects is 20th December 2017.

The DLF Foundation is inviting applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students to apply for the DLF Foundation Scholarship AKANSHA 2017. This scholarship is given to support those students who are unable to collect funds for their higher education. A total of 80 scholarships will be given, out of which 65 scholarships will be for the undergraduate students and 15 will be for the postgraduation students.


  • The candidate must be a resident of Gurugram.
  • The applicant must be admitted to pursue any of the following courses – B.Tech, MBBS, Paramedics, CS/CA/ICWA, LLB, BBA, Mass Communication, Hotel Management, MBA or M.Tech.
  • The applicant’s family income must not be more than Rs. 5 lakhs per year.
  • The applicant must have been admitted to an “A” grade college or institution.


  • The applicants pursuing their MBBS, if selected will be receiving INR 50,000 per annum.
  • The applicants pursuing other undergraduate courses, if selected will be receiving INR 40,000 per annum.
  • The applicants pursuing their post-graduation, if selected will be receiving INR 50,000 per annum.

Application procedure:

  • Register by clicking on ‘Apply now’ first.
  • Enter all your details.
  • Upload the necessary documents – Employee ID proof (if available), Aadhar card, Income proof & Proof of rank of competitive exam.
  • Click on submit.
  • Visit the Website

The last date to apply is 25th November 2017.

University of Dundee: Overseas RPG Scholarship from the School of Medicine

The University of Dundee, United Kingdom is one of the prestigious institutions in the world since 1967. Their only mission is to make significant changes locally as well as globally. So, the School of Medicine at the University is offering an exciting scholarship offer to all international aspirants. This will be probably one of a kind of opportunity for all those who dream to study abroad. Grab this opportunity and make it count.


The Dundee university’s overseas RPG Scholarship especially requires applicants to check the following criteria before applying for the same.

  • Level of Study: Ph.D only
  • Subject: Medicine
  • Applicants undertaking full-time study program may apply.
  • Applicants may not avail for any other scholarships or funds while applying for Overseas RPG Scholarship.
  • All applicants must have a good academic caliber as well.
  • In addition, every applicant must especially meet the English language requirements.
  • Self-funding evidence is mandatory.
  • Finally, any kind of supporting materials such as CV, project proposal etc are taken into account.

Benefits to the applier:

The Overseas RPG Scholarships from the School of Medicine provides a strong financial support as well as other benefits.

  • Value: Benefits of up to 50% reduction in tuition fees

Application procedure:


North South Foundation (NSF) Scholarships 2017

The North South Foundation is a non-profit organization in action since 1989. NSF is providing a great helping hand for students from weak economical backgrounds. Academically excellent as well as talented students are given complete support financially. NSF supports undergraduate students entering into engineering, medicine or 3-year polytechnic (diploma in engineering) based on merit and financial need.


The following are the entry requirements especially needed while applying for the North South Foundation Scholarship.

  • Open to all Indians.
  • Only students among the top 10% in class 10th or 12th or CET/JET ranks in their states can apply.
  • Students in Professional courses such as engineering, medical, polytechnic, dental etc in a government college may apply.
  • The annual family income should be less than Rs. 90,000.
  • Most importantly, the student should not be availing any other scholarships.
  • Preference is given to fresh students going to college, students from government schools or colleges and top rankers.

Benefits to the applier:

  • The scholarship amount ranges from Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 25,000 per student.
  • Students with high academic standards may receive aides (until graduation).

Application procedure:


ICO Three-Month Fellowship in molecular pathology, clinical ocular oncology, experimental pathology and specialized microbiology

The International Council of Ophthalmology represents and serves professional ophthalmologists throughout the world. This fellowship is served at training centers in Denmark, India, U.K and the U.S. Three-Month Fellowship programs will help promising ophthalmologists from developing countries to enhance their practical skills and broaden their perspectives. Fellows are expected to bring the acquired knowledge and skills back to their home country and take part in programs to preserve and restore vision.


  • Applicants must be less than 40 years old at the time of applying for the fellowship.
  • Applicants have to return to their respective countries and resume their previous positions to apply the knowledge during this fellowship.
  • Applicants must have completed the residency training of ICO before applying for the fellowship.
  • Applicants must have passed the aptitude exams of ICO.
  • Applicants from countries with ICO ophthalmologic societies will be given the first preference for this fellowship.

Awards & Benefits :

  • A maximum of USD 6000 to cover travel and living expenses for three months.

Application Process: 

  • Step 1: Identify your Country for the ICO fellowships to be shown for which you are eligible.
  • Step 2: Complete the eligibility check & if you are eligible then proceed.
  • Step 3: Select your host training center & apply.
  • Step 4: When the host committee approves your application, it will be reviewed by ICO.
  • Candidates who have previously served an ICO Three-Month Fellowship can apply.
  • Applicants cannot reapply if their previous application was rejected.
  • For applications submitted by the 30th September deadline, the fellowship is awarded and notices are sent out in January.  The earliest start date is April 1.
  • Go to How to Apply
  • Visit the Webpage

  • Grand Challenges Exploration India: Innovation for global health

Grand Challenges Exploration is a partnership framework as well as community for the Department of Biotechnology in India. It includes India’s Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It aims to launch joint initiatives that helps improving innovative health and development research within India. The partners for the same are India’s Department of Biotechnology, India’s Biotechnology Industry Research assistance council and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Applicants may submit a practical and original project idea. The same should include the working concept, stage of development,IP ownership issues,a short term strategy and long term direction. Further details are as follows. Applicants must clearly go through all terms and conditions before applying for the same.

More about the Programme:

Grand Challenges Exploration is a support as well as chance for all aspirants.

  • The programme is designed to address issues such as infectious diseases, maternal and child health.
  • Also, Family planning, Nutrition and mental health.
  • All details and application is available online.(link below)

Selection of proposals includes the following criteria:

  • Novelty in innovation.
  • Potential Societal Impact.
  • Access and affordability.
  • Sustainability
  • 18 month plan and execution capability.


Grand Challenges Exploration requires following eligibility criteria:

  • Open to all Indians.
  • Indian companies applying should have authorization.
  • Also, They need to submit an illustration of their active programs and accomplishments in the country.

Benefits to the applier:

Grand Challenges Exploration awards cash prize to the winner.

  •  Winners will be given an award of Rs 50,00,000.
  • Also, It is followed by a prize of Rs 10,00,000 for completing schedule on time.


For additional information, details or furthermore queries log on to:


Finally, The last date for submission of proposals is August 31st 2017.





Tata Trust Fellowships and Research Grants

The Tata trust is providing a goldeb chance to all aspirants of research to win exciting prizes.  The research grant is open in different fields. So, all eligible applicants may make a good use of this golden opportunity. This programme seems like one of the best opportunity available in these fields now. All important details are given below.

More about the programme:

The Tata Trust Fellowships and research grants can  be you doorway to success as well as excellence.

  • The Fields of Research are : Autism and Dyslexia, And Public health.
  • Duration: six months to 1-2 year.
  • Application form available online.
  • Finally, all applicants must go through all rules as well as terms and conditions before applying for the same.



The Tata Trust Fellowships and research grants requires the following eligibility criteria:

  • Open to all age groups.
  • Its most noteworthy that applicants who previously received a grant from any other entity are not eligible to apply.

Educational Qualifications :

For Autism and Dyslexia:

  • Master’s degree in psychology. (applicable skills)

For public health:

  • Master’s degree or PhD in public health or community-based medicine — MMBS / MS / MD


  • Junior fellowships are open to applicants with a master’s degree or a PhD and with 4-10 years of  experience.
  • Senior fellowships are for applicants with master’s degree or PhD with 10-15 years of experience. Also in addition they should be able to conduct or lead an independent research.

Benefits for the applier:

The Tata Trust Fellowships and research grants are providing as much services and allowances as possible.

  • Grants are awarded as cash rewards to all those who stand a chance. Also, other funds are also credit based
  • Other allowances such as research database allowance, and a communication and travel (domestic) allowance are also available.
  • In some case, Funds for international travel are also considered.



For Furthermore queries and additional information log on to:


Finally, Last date of application is 24th August 2017.

Fellowship for Diagnosis and Therapy of Retinoblastoma: International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)

The International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) is providing chances and services to Ophthalmologists in India. The ICO Three-Month Fellowship help promising young ophthalmologists from developing countries to improve their practical skills and broaden their perspectives on Ophthalmology.  It’s noteworthy that the key objectives of such fellowship programs are to improve practical skills and broaden perspectives of Ophthalmology among these professionals.

The International Council of Ophthalmology’s 2017 Fellowship program is inviting applicants in India. Several opportunities are available this year. If you are a professional and wish to be a part of this program, grab this opportunity before the deadline.

The ICO’s fellowship for Diagnosis and Therapy of Retinoblastoma will be a for a period of three months. The fellowship opportunity is open to any qualified candidates who are interested in gaining skills and experience in Retinoblastoma diagnosis and therapy.


The ICO’s Fellowship 2017 for Diagnosis and Therapy of Retinoblastoma requires the following:

  • Open to candidates within India.
  • Applicants should be under 40 years of age.
  • Residency training must be completed before applying for the fellowship and must qualify in a specialist exam in Ophthalmology.
  • A reasonable fluency in the language of fellowship training center.
  • A qualification in one or more ICO exams will be an advantage.
  • Finally, special considerations are given to applicants from ICO’s Member Countries.


  • Fellows are expected to bring the acquired knowledge and skills back to their home country
  • Participating candidates get exposure on various topics in a meticulous and scientific way
  • USD 6000 max is given to students to cover travel and living expenses

Application process:

  • For applications submitted by the September 30 deadline, the fellowship is awarded and notices sent out in January.  The earliest start date is April 1 of the same year.
  • The applicants cannot reapply once previously rejected.
  • View the Online Application
  • Visit the Website

Cornell is a privately endowed research university and a partner of the State University of New York. Cornell university has a motto to Learn, Discover & Engage. Cornell university came up with this course for programming for Infant & Young Children feeding (IYCF).

The course is taken up by college of agriculture & life sciences and college of human ecology which aims to research and outreach in communication, environmental sciences, biological sciences, landscape architecture, development sociology. The course aims to increase the capability of the UNICEF staff working for infant & young children in the developing countries. The course consists of essentials of malnutrition, comprehensive IYCF programming, IYCF in emergencies, selected Interventions for Improving Complementary Feeding & other topics. The training includes total  of 14 units which consists of 11 lectures & three case studies.

Eligibility for this program :

  • Anyone can appear for this course, however must have basic knowledge about Medicine & public health and Nutrition & Food science or they must be a student under these streams. Hence, it is Open for all

Benefits of program : 

  • Applicant will be certified by prestigious Cornell university certificate & Ceu.
  • Application will get updated with knowledge about ICYF.
  • Applicant will be able to solve population based problems related to infant & young children feeding after successful completion of the program.
  • After completing this program applicants will be able to recommend ICYF research programs and other policies of ICYF.
  • The applicant will be able to incorporate with ICYF’s initiative with new emerging issues.

Other important details regarding the program :

  • There is no cost for participation of anyone in this course, it’s available free of cost online.
  • The course will run in a time-frame of 1 year.
  • After, successfully completing the 14 units, exam & a survey test, students will get a certificate & CEU from Cornell university.
  • This Course is provided in Cornell online which is the only platform for courses of Cornell university & it’s other affiliates.

For applying please visit :

Good Luck!

Continuing Medical Education (CME) online course presented by Stanford University School of Medicine on “E-Cigarettes: Harmful or Harm-Reducing?” focuses on the science of e-cigarettes. This course is based on observed patterns in questions from real patients and answers from practicing physicians. Hence, emphasizing potential health impacts of e-cigarettes and regulated alternatives such as nicotine replacement therapy. Special issues related to youth, use by patients in preoperative phase, cancer treatment or cardiovascular disease treatment are given priority.


  • This course is intended for physicians in cardiology, family practice, primary care, general surgery, internal medicine, oncology, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Additionally, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, clinical psychologists, Tobacco Treatment Specialists (TTS) and other licensed addiction treatment providers can register.

Benefits for the applier:

  • In completing the entire online activity and having scored minimum 75%, your certificate will be automatically generated.
    → Physicians will be awarded AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    → All other participants will receive a Certificate of Participation
  • CME Credits offered – 1.50
  • Assess e-cigarette use in all patients who currently use tobacco.
  • Develop informed professional opinions about when to warn against or recommend e-cigarettes.
  • Able to investigate and evaluate the quality of e-cigarettes information to interpret risks and benefits based on scientific evidence.
  • Apply evidence-based brief tobacco/nicotine quitting counseling (5 A’s Ask-Advise-Assess-Assist-Arrange) protocol when patients ask about e-cigarettes.
  • Counsel patients who are using or considering using e-cigarettes to attempt quitting with FDA-approved Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or pharmacotherapy.

Application process:

  • Online learners are engaged through interactive video role-play, expert interviews and interactive activities. Watch 24 Expert Videos, at least one from each of the 24 combined topic and/sub-topic areas.
  • Complete the CME Post-test, CME Evaluation Survey and CME Activity Completion Statement at the end of the activity.
  • Estimated time to complete this course is 1.50 hours.
  • Register and learn for free. 
  • Visit E-Cigarettes: Harmful or Harm-Reducing

Ongoing registration for this self-paced course is available until 17th June 2018