National Students’ Space Challenge 2018

Deadline : October 3  Event date : October 4-5 Location :IIT Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur took the initiative of starting National Students’ Space Challenge, which is a unique blend of space science and technology. Every year, many budding space enthusiasts showcase their talents in this fest which also happens to be India’s first and largest Space Technology fest. The commencement of October 2018 brings with it the 8th edition of the National Students’ Space Challenge presented by IIT Kharagpur in association with Indian Space Research Organization. During the fest, participants from all across the country compete in amazing set of space themed robotic and astronomy based events which will challenge participant’s engineering and innovation skills. Participants also get to witness amazing guest lectures by eminent scientists, astronomers and professors from deemed institutions across the globe, and develop your technical skills through various workshops.


  • Ongoing Undergraduate and Graduate Students from any stream in India.

List of Competitions :

● Pixelation: Image Processing Competition.

● Aciquor: Autonomous robotic Competition.

● Voyager: Manual robotic Competition

● Case Study

● Paper Presentation

● The Braitenberg Challenge: Onspot Hardware coding event

● Lift-off: Water Rocketry Competition

● Hoverpod: Hover-Craft making competition

● The Science of Paper Folding: Onspot origami competition

● Studex: Innovation and Product designing Challenge

● Designeer: Onspot CAD competition

● Astrophotography competition: Online photography Competition

● Tshirt Designing competition: Online designing competition

● Space Quiz: Online quiz competition.

Application Procedure: 

  • visit the website and on spot registrations are also available
  • Contact Person  Mr. Tanishq Garg Ms. Hima Swetha N Head of Public Relations Head of Public Relations [email protected] [email protected] +917477858668 +918985240458

Website : Apply


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