International Youth Summit 2018 Uzbekistan (partially Funded)

Tashkent,international youth summit 2018

The International Youth Summit is held annually starting from 2016. The Summit is considered as one of the first youth events in Uzbekistan conducted in English. The participants of the Summit will be selected through submission of online application from all regions of the Republic and foreign countries. The Summit will last three days during which participants will be divided into several groups for creating socially significant projects. Moreover, during these three days, the various seminars and training will be conducted for Summit participants, as a result of which, they will be able to create and present new projects, the best of which will be implemented by YLDP and investors. The projects as “YLDP Summer School”, “Plov4Love”, “Back2Reality” and Annual Youth Plenary Session are the results of Summits 2016 and 2017, which were implemented with the support of YLDP. The students of lyceums, colleges and high educational institutions, as well as applicants and youth with the same interests and hobbies, were united in aforementioned projects.
Aim of the Summit
~The ultimate goal of the Summit is to create a special platform for young activists of our country and foreign countries, where they can exchange experience, knowledge and ideas as well as acquire new skills. Taking into consideration that the Summit is international, it would assist to form the right opinion of young activists of the Republic of Uzbekistan about foreign countries, and conversely the guests of the Republic will be able to obtain clear and detailed information about Uzbekistan.
~The Summit is divided into following sub-conferences:
=Information Technology
=Social Development
=Nation Branding
~ Active young leaders who are mostly of 18-27 ages. Exceptions may be made for younger/older applicants with extra potential.
• Benefits:
~ There are many benefits you will get by attending the summit. Here are some of them:
* Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face
* Learn in a new space
* Networking Opportunities
* New tips and tactics
* Break Out of Your Comfort Zone
* Having fun
* Invest In Yourself
• What is the deadline for application?

Deadline :  28th of February.

Application procedure:

about 20-30 minutes. If you want to apply for the International Youth Summit, go to the link below:

If you have any questions, write an email to one of the following email addresses:
Organising team of International Youth Summit-   [email protected]
Ms.Kayumova Hilola-     [email protected]


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