Ranghabhoomi fellowship

rangabhoomi fellowship

What is Rangabhoomi?

Rangabhoomi means playground. The Rangabhoomi fellowship is a playground where designers with a social cause come together to play, experiment and innovate, all the while understanding and becoming agents of social change.

Who is it for?

Rangabhoomi is especially for graduates of design with a strong social drive – that is, designers who wish to create a social change in the fields of environment/education/heritage and culture. This fellowship is for those designers with a drive to create a change, but are unaware of ‘what’ and ‘how’.

Please note, designers do not only mean those who have a degree-it refers equally to those who are from a non-design background but have been exposed to the field.

To create a framework for the fellowship, we are looking for designers interested in impacting these areas:

1.      Environment

2.      Education

3.      Heritage and conservation

To know more please download the brief here  


If you have more queries, you can also contact us at +91 9972373952 or send a mail to [email protected]!


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