Attend the Nobel Prize Series India 2018 – Science Impacts Lives; 1st-5th February 2018

The Nobel Prize Series India 2018 is presented by Nobel Media and Nobel Museum in partnership with the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India and the Government of Goa.

It brings together Nobel Laureates, experts and lifelong learners to evoke creative thinking. This unique program combines an exhibition, conference, lectures, roundtables and other meeting spaces. By sharing achievements and stories of Nobel Laureates this program inspires engagement in science, literature and peace in line with Alfred Nobel’s vision.

Events & Dates:

  • The ExhibitionThe Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World‘ will take place at Kala Academy, Goa. It will be displayed for a month in Goa starting 2nd February.
  • A seminar on innovation and education with all 5 participating Nobel Laureates will be held in the morning of 2nd February at Kala Academy.
  • During Nobel Prize Series over a thousand teachers will be invited to a new kind of meeting made especially for teachersNobel Education Network. It will be held in the afternoon of 2nd February at Kala Academy.
  • Executive roundtable meetings will be arranged in Goa and Mumbai between a number of business profiles and elite researchers as well as Nobel Laureates.
  • A Nobel Laureate will visit local universities in Goa and Mumbai to give an inspirational lecture and conduct a face-to-face discussion with a limited group of students and engage in a meeting with faculty. Check Events


  • The exhibition is open to the public from 2nd February 2018.
  • The seminar is open to anyone, scientist or not, to engage in a dialogue for connection and knowledge sharing.
  • The executive roundtable meetings are closed sessions without audience for an open and animated discussion where all participants take an active part.


The Nobel Prize Series India 2018 will be held from 1st to 5th February 2018.

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