INSEAD L’Oreal Scholarships for MBA graduates; Accepting applications from 23rd April-7th May 2018


L’Oreal has been a pioneer in cosmetics and beauty products. L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetic company has come up with luring opportunities for curious souls. L’Oreal in collaboration with one of the world’s leading graduate business school, INSEAD, is providing one MBA scholarship per class at INSEAD.

The L’Oreal scholarship is for the graduates who can showcase their interests and skills in terms of creativity, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit. INSEAD L’Oreal MBA scholarship program honours:

  • Creativity with imagination as its essence.
  • Diversity in its true sense, stimulating innovations. 
  • Commitment, dedication and a spirit capable of challenging assumptions.


Candidates belonging to any nation, demonstrating the above qualities can apply for the scholarship. The candidate need to state his/her financial need to claim the scholarship. Apart from the demonstration of qualities of leadership and creativeness, the candidate needs to present an effective essay in 450 words.

>>ESSAY TOPIC is displayed in its official page.


This opens up opportunities like global exposure through abroad studies at any INSEAD campus across the world.  INSEAD has its campuses in Europe, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. The scholarship awards the candidate with 20,000 Euros.


A candidate can apply for the round one of the scholarship and the deadline for this is 7th May of 2018. Round one of December 2019 class program lasts from 23rd April to 7th May 2018. The selected candidates need to go through an interview.The L’Oreal representative takes interview of the candidate through Skype or a phone call.

Any further details of fee structure and program details can be referred from the source:

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