Reboot Life program: A Journey Across the World to Reshape the Definition of Work Life Balance

Reboot Life brings you a great opportunity to explore yourself while traveling the world. It is a program which constitutes a community of 30-50 like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and explorers. The Reboot Life prefers individuals possess unique skills, qualities and experience they bring to the group. It offers a journey across the world to the most inspiring cities for 12 months. You can live for 1 month in each city. In addition, you will have good packages to experience local cultures, interact with industry trendsetters and balance life & work. The participants need to apply for the program and pay a program fee & deposits which will include accommodation, transportation charges etc.


  • Interested people are those who want to bring a change in their everyday life.
  • One who wants inspirational changes. Wants to explore new zones. People who want to challenge themselves and want to do something practically different from the usual routine.


  • A good accommodation without sharing a room in every city.
  • The inspiring work settings in every city with all office amenities like wi-fi.
  • You will get flight and local transport cost in every city.
  • You will have interactive sessions and workshops with co-travelling industry trendsetters.
  • Events and excursions will give you best local experience.This includes many daytime and night time events.
  • Spend a month in each city to experience local culture.
  • It will give you a good aura to refocus on your goal.
  • You can learn how to balance life and work. Check out the List of places to visit.


  • Apply for the program.
  • Get shortlisted for a video interview.
  • Choose month and city to join the program.
  • Pay deposits to reserve your spot in the program itinerary.
  • Join the program in the first city.


  • One time payment – US$ 4500 annually/US$ 300 monthly.
  • Monthly – US$ 1900 annually/US$ 2400 monthly. Read more details.



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